About the Management

Seshadripuram Educational Trust is one of the premier institutions which aims to provide education at all levels from nursery to post graduation. The founders of the institution were eminent educationists and distinguished personalities, who laid a solid foundation and nurtured the growth of the institution. The successive managing committee members and the present team have shaped the institution to the existing gigantic position.

Stree samaja
Stree samaja

Beginning with a strength of twenty students in 1930, the Seshadripuram group of institutions was founded by two lady educational enthusiasts of Seshadripuram, viz. Smt Anandamma and Smt Seetamma.

They started a primary school in two Mangalore tiled rooms in the present main campus of Seshadripuram. The trust has grown multifold to include 34 institutions with a strength of over 22,000 students. Having served for more than 80 years in the field of education, the Trust is steadily progressing creating a niche for itself in the academia.

All the institutions are independently managed and have an excellent track record in the field of academics, sports, culture and various other activities. Each institution is given the best infrastructure with an urge to provide quality education to students at all levels.

Why Study At Seshadripuram Institutions?

  • Top Quality Education
  • State of the Art Infrastructure
  • Diverse Academic Community
  • Generous Merit Scholarships
  • Outstanding Faculty
  • MoUs signed with top universities in USA, the UK and Europe
  • Agreed signed for Internships and Placements
  • Eminent Visiting Faculty