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  1. The prescribed application form can be obtained from the high school office. Other details can be collected from the Principal. A student seeking admission to Class VIII should submit the filled-up application form together with the original marks card of Class VII examination and original Transfer Certificate countersigned by the B.E.O for verification purpose and return. Students will be required to submit their originals , at the time of the actual admission. Those students hailing from schools, other than those in Bengaluru city will have to get the T. C. countersigned by the respective competent authorities like the concerned D.D.P.I. before seeking admission to the school.
  2. Students seeking admission to the High School class from any other High School (local or outside) should get their T.C. countersigned by the D.D.P.I. with permission for local immigration or Inter-District transfer.
  3. Students of Seshadripuram Stree Samaja who obtain not less than 50% marks in the Class VII examination will be considered for admission to Seshadripuram High School, Bengaluru-20.
  4. Students seeking admission to the High School from outside the State of Karnataka should get T.C. countersigned by the concerned Educational Authority of that State and also obtain permission from the local Educational Authorities. If seats are available, the admission will be made in parity with the standard issued by the Educational Department and on production of all the relevant original records.