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Examination results are the means of being qualified in the learning process. Learning process includes many things which cannot be assessed yet significant. Values, interests, curiosity, leadership qualities, physical training are essential parts of nurturing the personality development.
We try to realize the goals of total education by conducting many celebrations.

  1. Annual Sports day celebration: It is held in a professional manner every year in the beginning of the academic year, not only to identify and nurture the sports talents but to develop sportive attitude and physical exercise.
  2. Talents day celebration: This is held to identify the young talents and to give an opportunity for the students to display their talents, shedding off stage fear.
  3. Independence day:The day of rejoicing National Integration and inspiring patriotism.
  4. Teachers day: Teachers, the unsung heroes are recognized duly by the students.
  5. Gandhi Jayanthi: The day of remembering the Father of the Nation, motivating the spirit of Gandhian philosophy among the youngsters.
  6. School day: The day which is free from academic monotony which provides an opportunity for students to socialize themselves with friends and teachers. It is a day of pride for the winners of various prizes.
  7. Republic day: The day of promoting the sense of being a citizen in a democratic, socialist, secular and Republic country like India.
  8. Bharat Sevadal, Scouts and Guides celebrate inaugural functions, which will be followed by activities till the end of the academic year.