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The assessment of effective learning of the students is done through evaluation. Evaluation done periodically enables the students to perform better.

  • Periodical Tests and examinations will be conducted as per the norms of the state secondary school examination board.
  • Attendance for all unit tests and terminal examinations are compulsory.
  • When a pupil is compelled by circumstances to be absent for any of the examinations or tests (even if it be only one subject) he/she must obtain leave of absence from Principal in advance.
  • Unjustified absence for anyone of the tests or examinations will affect the promotion of the pupil at the end of the year as the promotion to the next higher class depends on total performance of the pupil throughout the academic year.
  • In certain cases if the required aggregate is not obtained due to absence during anyone of the tests, promotion will be considered on consultation with the class teacher/subject teacher. However, this cannot be claimed as a right and the Principal's decision will be final.
  • Results of the Annual Examination will be announced on the last working day of the school and the same will be put up in the school notice board. The parents are strictly instructed not to meet the Principal for reconsideration of the results.
  • In case of any pupil being detained in the same class at the end of the academic year, efforts will be made to improve the standard of the pupil by the teachers in the succeeding year. But inspite of it, if the pupil fails to rise up to the expected standard, TC will be issued to the pupil in the interest of the institution and in the interest of the pupil himself /herself.
  • Parents are requested to follow up the performance of the students from the report cards that are issued after the examinations. It is obligatory for the parents to sign the report card and return it within 3 days of the issue. In case of any delay, the student will not be admitted to the class.
  • In case the students tamper with the marks card or manipulate the marks, it will be considered as a serious offence and action will be taken against them.
  • Tests and examinations will be announced about ten days before the schedule as per the department rules.