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From the Principal's Desk

"The true aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts but of values. All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind. Therefore, all knowledge be it secular or spiritual, is in the human mind. When the curtain that hides undiscovered knowledge is slowly lifted off, we say 'we are learning'.

All knowledge and all power is within us, in our human soul. No one is ever really taught by another. Each one of us has to teach him/herself. The external teacher only offers suggestions which rouse the internal teacher to work towards understanding things. Those things are then made clearer within the limits of our perception and thought, making us realize them.

Sri. Ekambareshwar
M.A. , B.Ed
A large banyan tree spreading across acres of ground was once a little seed. The mass energy of the whole tree was confined within that tiny seed. It is true that the gigantic intellect lies coiled up in the protoplasmic cell. Each one of us too have come out of a protoplasmic cell and all the powers we possess were coiled up there right when the cell was formed.

Like a gardener who provides loosened soil to a plant, puts a hedge around it for protection, supplies water and exposes it to air and light, a teacher facilitates learning. A child educates himself to be a good human being."