Special Awards

To encourage academic excellence our High School has instituted meritorious awards to the students.

  • Sri. K. V. S Award : Instituted by Dr. Shivdev Ubhaykar, an alumnus of the school, in the name of his teacher Sri. K. V. Srinivas Murthy for students who score highest marks in Science and Mathematics in SSLC Public Examination.
  • Sri. R. Rajagopalan Charity Endowment Prize : A cash prize is awarded to school topper of the SSLC Public Examination.
  • Sri. K. C. Puttanarasaiah cash award : Sri K. C. Puttanarasaiah, the Ex-Hon.Gen.Secretary of SET has instituted this award from the academic year 1999-2000 in his name. This cash prize is awarded to school topper in SSLC Public Examination.

Diamond Jubilee cash award for School Toppers

8th StdKannadaI
9th StdKannadaI
10th StdKannadaI & II
EnglishI, II & III
  • G. K. Chikkanarasimhaiah Endowment Fund : English Medium and Kannada Medium top scorer in SSLC examination.
  • Siddaiah award : Top scorer in SSLC Examination.
  • Smt. C. R. Rama Award : Financial aid to eligible student.
  • Manjunath Ithal Award : I Language Sanskrit Top scorer in SSLC examination.
  • R. Padma Award : Financial aid to eligible student.

Special awards have been instituted for the students of our school who score the highest marks in each subject in the SSLC Public Examination. The awards are as follows :

Sl. No. Name of the Award Subject
1Pampa AwardI Lang Kannada
2Sarojini Naidu AwardI Lang English
3Kalidasa AwardI Lang Sanskrit
4R. K. Narayan AwardII Lang Eng, Kan Medium and English Medium (one each)
5Sanchi HonnammaII Lang Kannada
6Mythili Sharana GuptaIII Lang Hindi
7Kuvempu AwardIII Lang Kannada
8Srinivas RamanujamMathematics
10AshokaSocial Science
Many other cash awards are sponsored by some retired teachers, ex-students and well-wishers of our Institution.