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The students spend their childhood in school and when they grow up as citizens in the society, the beautiful memories of school days are always cherished. The school helps them to socialise with other students where they learn the values of community living. That helps them to transform themselves into good human beings. The child oriented education which is imparted in our school facilitates each student to become a unique personality. When a child leaves our school after completion of education in the high school level it carries hope, dreams and determination to become an achiever in life.

State Toppers Opinion:

Syed Touheed
10 'A' [2018-19]
State Rank : 7th
"I have been lucky since I joined this school, and I was able to score this marks because of my hardwork and the support of my family and teachers, and the school teaching faculty is very good and the teachers are very co-operative and friendly, the school is endowed with all the Infrastructure and facilities needed by the students and 3 years of my journey in the school were great and I really appreciate the support of my teachers and the school and I wish a very grateful thanks to my teachers and school."