Beyond the Classroom

"All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is a saying.

Teenagers enjoy their school life only when ample scope is given to express their self, creatively and playfully. We have a number of cultural events throughout the academic year. Competitions are held such as Rangoli, Mehandi, Art and Craft, Hairstyle, Music and Dance, Talents - day and all the competitions give each child opportunity to participate in any or all the competitions. This is how they come out of coiled up inhibitions. The school provides platform for the budding artists.

Cultural Activities

At Seshadripuram High School we offer programs for students of varying abilities and interests. The school boasts more than five academic clubs, literary competitions and leadership organizations. With such a wide range of opportunities, the same student who sings in the school choir can also be involved in the school sports, Humanities club, Science club, Consumers club etc. These opportunities will help to enrich the student's learning experience, to develop as a leader and to allow experiencing the sense of community living found here at Seshadripuram campus. By means of School Parliament, students practice moral leadership, accept personal responsibility and develop strong character. School mentor - staff help to provide assistance, direction and focus to the students in not only academics, but also in extracurricular activities.



Examination results are the means of being qualified in the learning process. Learning process includes many things which cannot be assessed yet significant. Values, interests, curiosity, leadership qualities, physical training are essential parts of nurturing the personality development.

We try to realize the goals of total education by conducting many celebrations.


Annual Sports Day Celebration

It is held in a professional manner every year in the beginning of the academic year, not only to identify and nurture the sports talents but to develop sportive attitude and physical exercise.


Talents Day Celebration

This is held to identify the young talents and to give an opportunity for the students to display their talents, shedding off stage fear.

Independence day:The day of rejoicing National Integration and inspiring patriotism.

Teacher's Day

Teachers, the unsung heroes are recognized duly by the students.


Gandhi Jayanthi

The day of remembering the Father of the Nation, motivating the spirit of Gandhian philosophy among the youngsters.


School Day

The day which is free from academic monotony which provides an opportunity for students to socialize themselves with friends and teachers. It is a day of pride for the winners of various prizes.

Republic Day

The day of promoting the sense of being a Citizen in a Democratic, Socialist, Secular and Republic Country like India.

Bharat Sevadal celebrate inaugural functions, which will be followed by activities till the end of the academic year.


Fresher's Day

Orientation for Fresher's is organised to welcome the students in the beginning of academic year. On this occasion school rules and norms are reported. The free books are given to all the students & Khadi uniforms to 8th standard kannada medium students.


An annual excursion is organised for students for every academic year. Further the school organises planned visits to various places like Hampi, Dandeli, Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Kannada, Charminar in Hyderabad, Mahatma Gandhi Beach in Kochi to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Seshadripuram High school believes very strongly in the educational value of well planned visits and also firm supporters of outdoor education. A field trip introduces new skills and concepts to children, reinforces on going lessons and influences the learning potential.



With the motto regular social services camps, leadership and personality development camps will be held. Lectures will be arranged to motivate qualities of 'service'.


Investiture Ceremony

The significant beginning of the new academic year to show the leadership skills and abilities of the students, prestigious ceremony in the schedule of school events.

The school parliament elects the students like Head boy, Head Girl, Sports Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Discipline Leader, House Captains and Vice - Captains are honoured by the chief guest with their respective badges and take an oath of affirmation for the school.

PORT FOLIOS - 2021-22
Port Folios Name Class
Head Boy Vinay R 10B
Head Girl Nandini Rathor 10A
Sports Secretary Sunil Khadka 10A
Cultural Secretary Chinmayee N 10A
Discipline Leader Sharanya S 9B
House Leaders
P. T. Usha House Name Class
Captain Gowda Varun Shivanna 10A
Vice - Captain Sakshi H U 9A
Mary Kom House Name Class
Captain Sangana Gowda R 10B
Vice - Captain Nandini V 10B
Milkha Singh House Name Class
Captain Renuka 10A
Vice - Captain Birendra Kumar 9A
Major Dhyan Chand House Name Class
Captain Shashank R 10A
Vice - Captain Chandan S 9A

Inter School Competitions

Inter school Kannada Debate Competition

Late Sri. G. K. Chikkanarasimhaiah,

  • Former Treasurer of Seshadripuram Educational Trust,
  • Social Networker,
  • -Educationist, in his memory an Interschool Kannada Debate Competitions are conducted since 1970.
  • Many times our students take part in the competition and won the "Rolling Trophy".

Inter School Devotional Songs and Musical Instrument Competitions

Late Sri. K. C. Puttanarasaiah,

  • -Former Secretary of Seshadripuram Educational Trust,
  • -Rendered valuable service as District Deputy Commissioner,
  • Established school at yelahanka and added feathers to the crown of the Educational Trust by increasing number of branches. In his memory Inter School Devotional Songs Competitions are held since 2006.

In the Memory of Vainika Shikamani Veene Sheshanna Inter School Musical Instrument Competitions are held from 2011.

Our students take part in the competition and won the "Rolling Trophy".