Discipline & Conduct

  • The attendance of every student for the Tests and Terminal Examination is compulsory. The students are advised in their own interest, not to absent themselves for these Tests and Exams as the marks obtained in these may be considered at the time of promotion to higher classes.
  • Every student should be regular to class. Inability to attend the class due to any unforeseen circumstances should be intimated to the class teacher or the Principal through letters.
  • Long absence due to illness should be intimated through leave letter supported by Medical Certificate within a week of absence.
  • The Scholarship amount of a scholarship holder will be withheld, if the attendance, progress and conduct of the student are unsatisfactory.
  • All the students are strictly instructed to stay within the class rooms, except during the interval. In case of emergency, they should obtain permission from the teacher handling the class or the Principal and only then can they leave the class room. No pupil is allowed to leave the class room till the end of the session.
  • Students should assemble in the quadrangle, as soon as they hear the bell ring, according to their class and section, and maintain absolute reverence and discipline during prayer.
  • Students should wear the prescribed uniform everyday. However, exemption may be obtained in individual cases, arising from unforeseen exigencies with the Principal's permission.
  • After the prayer, the students should quickly march to their class rooms in an orderly manner led by the Class Leader.
  • While the students change rooms for any class, they must not disturb the adjacent classes in any manner.
  • The class prefects ought to be in complete charge of the cleanliness of their class rooms, furniture and the maintenance of absolute silence in the class during the temporary absence of the teacher. Minor offences such as coming late to class habitually, moving in the corridors during the class hours etc. are objectionable.
  • All students should maintain neatness and be smart in their appearance.
  • In the event of any damage to the school property, the value of the property damaged should be reimbursed by the student responsible for causing the damage.
  • The School will take cognizance of any serious misconduct of its pupils outside its premises, but should any serious charge be fairly substantiated, the guilty shall definitely be meted out with disciplinary action, depending upon the gravity of the offence.