Special Features

Studying methods are different for everybody like reading the book. practising tests, reviewing notes before test, but in our School Premises. “Expert Resource Persons” guide the 10th standard students on various subjects to strategies well and score high marks in board exams.


The lectures help the students to acquire knowledge, understand the basic concepts in an effective method in all the subjects. The eminent professors and scientists talk about the Space research, Rocket launching and Satellite to provide educational challenges through power point presentation to benefit the students future.

Coaching Classes - remedial Classes

The school organises remedial classes on working days after regular class hours for average and below average students to assist them to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills.

Counselling for students - MANASVI and Mentoring

MANASVI is an “Educational Vocational Guidance & Counselling Centre” organised in our school premises to counsel the students individually and in group to improve academic career, social and emotional development.

Our school has mentoring system for the information of skill, aptitude, proficiency which plays a vibrant role in the academic development. English and Kannada medium 10th grade students are structured in a group of 8 to 10 for each mentor teacher. The mentor teachers take care of the students allotted to them.


Parent's Teacher's Meeting

Parent - Teachers meeting will be held periodically in an academic year. Active participation of the parents will be welcomed with positive suggestions for the progress and development of the student through interaction between the parents and teachers. Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, Doctors are invited to speak to the parents on the topics like Health, Personality Developments, Yoga and so on. Parents are welcomed to approach the head of the institution during school hours on any working day except Saturdays.

Documentary Films

Documentaries are digitalized to the students about Mahatma Gandhiji and Swami Vivekananda to learn about truth and honesty, Swachh Bharth Abhiyan to achieve “Clean India Mission”, Hygiene Programme for girls to reinforce an idea physically and mentally in depth.